About Fuelstream, Inc. (OTC:FLST)

Fuelstream Provides Aviation Fuel on a Global Scale

pic-wingFuelstream secures fuel supplies from various vendors in the aviation and marine fuel markets. The Company offers global 24 hour a day fuel management and logistic service for airlines originating out of South Africa and sub-African continent and other global locations. The Company offers its global fuel service through supply contracts with companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, BP Oil, ConocoPhillips, Air Total, AVFuel and other globally integrated companies with multiple regional subsidiaries with a reach to thousands of locations. Other supply contracts include single-operator contracts with fixed-based operators, into-plane agents at individual airports, trucking companies and other companies filling in smaller pieces of the supply chain. With these supply contracts in place, Fuelstream has access to over 2,500 locations worldwide on behalf of its customers.

Capitalizing on its global in-house network of aviation and marine professionals, Fuelstream is able to reach its customers through regional offices in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Fuelstream realizes the importance of local presence in a fragmented market where true global supply is provided by a limited number of companies.

At present, Fuelstream executes fuel purchase agreements with its commercial customers (government, cargo, majors, etc.) and uses standard IATA contracts with all its international customers. Corporate customers (Part 91, 135, etc.) complete a detailed credit application allowing Fuelstream’s experienced credit department to analyze the customer’s credit worthiness and allocate its resources appropriately. Fuelstream sells fuel on both a prepay basis as well as with credit terms based upon the customer’s credit worthiness and type of account.

Bulk Fuel Distribution

The Fuelstream bulk fuel distribution division purchases and resells large quantities of diesel, aviation, marine and other sub types of fuel, in quantities ranging from 250,000 barrels to as large as 4 million barrels. Fuel is typically purchased from refineries or fuel shippers. Exit buyers are generally larger oil companies, government divisions, and large institutions.

Our knowledgeable bulk fuel staff with world-class supply-chain management experience can provide the bulk fuels service solutions you need.

For more information about Fuelstream's bulk fuel distribution resources, please contact us at ops@fuel-stream.com

Fuel Transportation

The Fuelstream transportation division specializes in the design, development and execution of fuel supply chain solutions. Capitalizing on advanced systems and technologies, the company offers engineered transportation solutions custom-designed to meet even the most complex transportation challenges.

Our extensive operational experience has allowed us to create value for our customers by utilizing a wide range of equipment. From ocean going barges, tanker fleet operations and tank farms, Fuelstream has access to the equipment and the expertise to provide solutions to satisfy the specific needs of each customer. Every day we strive to provide value-added private fleet management that drives measurable bottom-line improvement.

Competitive and Comparative Advantages

Fuelstream distinguishes itself from its competitors by;

- Providing aviation fuel on a global scale;
- Maintaining financial stability via implementation of strict adherence to credit policies and internal controls;
- Establishing a worldwide network of supply availability and locations;
- Providing 24-hour live customer service access seven days a week; and,
- Providing;
- Industry-leading invoice accounting,
- Tax management, and
- Prompt dispute resolution.

Target Markets by Region

In addition to its U.S. offices, Fuelstream has established a business presence through in-house account managers and dedicated outsourced personnel in the following markets;

- South and Central America
- Europe
- South Africa and the African sub continent
- Asia, Far East and Australia
- United Arab Emirates and the Middle East
- Caribbean