Aviation Fuel

Fuel Stream secures fuel supplies from various vendors in the aviation fuel market. These supply contracts include master contracts with suppliers such as ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, BP Oil, ConocoPhillips, Air Total and other globally integrated companies with multiple regional subsidiaries with a reach to hundreds of locations. Other supply contracts include single-operator contracts with fixed-based operators, into-plane agents at individual airports, trucking companies and other companies filling in smaller pieces of the supply chain. With these supply contracts in place, Fuel Stream has access to nearly 2,500 locations worldwide on behalf of its customers.

Capitalizing on its global in-house network of aviation professionals, Fuel Stream is able to reach its customers through regional offices in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Fuel Stream realizes the importance of local presence in a fragmented market where true global supply is provided by a limited number of companies such as World Fuel Services, Inc.

Fuel Stream anticipates that its focus will be targeting two major types of aircraft operations. Currently nearly 80% of its early business is devoted to commercial carriers; however, Fuel Stream looks to expand its operations within the corporate sector to nearly 30% of total volume within the next 40 months.

At present, Fuel Stream executes fuel purchase agreements with its commercial customers (government, cargo, legacy, etc…) and uses standard IATA contracts with all its international customers. Corporate customers (Part 91, 135, etc…) complete a detailed credit application allowing Fuel Stream’s experienced credit department to analyze the customer’s credit worthiness and allocate its resources appropriately. Fuel Stream sells fuel on a prepay basis to most customers in the initial stage, as well as on an on-going basis to customers whose financial wherewithal is deemed insufficient by the credit department.

Commercial and Charter Air Carriers

Midsized passenger and cargo airlines
Charter and feeder air carriers
Regional and specialty suppliers
Flight service companies
Independent general sales agents
Airline management companies
Commuter Airlines
Air Taxi operators


Larger Corporate Fleets

Corporate fleets
Corporate fuel farms
Management and leasing companies
Corporate charter companies
Air ambulance companies
Government Owned Aircraft

Military branches
Mission support services
US Marshals Service


Non-Governmental Organizations

American Red Cross
International Red Cross
United Nations World Food Programme
Diplomatic missions


Fixed Based Operators

Million Air
Garret Aviation


Flight Support Companies

Skyplan International
Pacific Coast Forecasting



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