Strategic Partners

In 2015, Fuelstream obtained a $2M revolving line of credit from NuVenture Group, LLC for fuel purchases, and has the ability to expand the line of credit. Access to credit has and will result in more favorable pricing and, consequently, improved margins. Additional credit lines in excess of $10M are also being developed as the Company's sales increase. Access to a stable credit provider will enable Fuelstream to service progressively larger accounts and obtain larger discounts from fuel producers.

Wade M. Mitchell - CEO of NuVenture Group, LLC

Wade M. Mitchell, age 51. in addition to Mr. Mitchell's role as Chief Executive Officer/Manager of NuVenture, Mr. Mitchell, age 51, is presently the managing partner of Western Financial Consulting Services LLC and its wholly owned subsidiary Leland Capital LLC, a commercial mortgage broker. Mr. Mitchell also serves as Chairman CEO and Manager of NuVenture Group, an international advisory and investment group of companies specializing in small startup and mid-level companies in the US and South America. He also invests in numerous other business ventures. Since 1996 he has been the Chairman CEO and Manager of TAZ Group LLC, managing various real-estate investment including a portfolio of senior housing projects (sold in 2014). From 2008 to 2011, Mr. Mitchell was a member of the Loan Committee of Western Capital LLC, a US-based commercial mortgage broker. From 1992-2000 Mr. Mitchell served as a director or principal for several small-cap public companies on the, OTC Bulletin Board Stock Exchange, and has worked closely with many public and private emerging growth companies throughout the world. In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance, Accounting and Economics, he holds a Master of Business Administration from Brigham Young University.

On December 16, 2015, Spot Reisen GMBH & Fuelstream, Inc. announced the signing of their strategic partnership which was materialized in the new Joint Venture Company SAFS-AVIA DWC headquartered in Dubai. The alliance will allow SAFS-AVIA DWC to offer increased aviation capabilities in regions of operation worldwide. SAFS is expected to kick off in February 2016 with a combined bundle of services of the two parent companies that would deliver to the global aviation market a wide range of aviation related deliverables starting with flight permits, flight support, and commercial aircraft chartering for passengers, VIP jets & cargo, up to strategic aviation fuel supply.

Mohamed Hamed: CEO Spot Group

Roland Taylor: Managing Director, Spot Reisen GMBH

Ahmed Elhawary: Managing Director, Spot Reisen UAE